Company Profile




We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of elegant products, luxury finish, and friendly service at competitive prices.

Our speciality, is photochemical etching.

We are located in Kew, in North-Eastern Johannesburg, South Africa.
We have been in existence for over 70 years.

We are registered as a Close Corporation.
Our company registration number : CK2002/0479545
V.A.T. number: 4160217941

Our design stage is computerised and our lettering and graphics are digitally originated.
Thereafter your design goes through a photographic process, ensuring accurate plates, for your complete satisfaction.

The backing panels we provide for our plaques are 100% solid imported hardwood. eg: Imbuia, Kiaat, Rosewood and others.

We work with any volume... from unique one-off's to bulk production quantities.

Our director, Raphael, is at your service.
(for contact details please see the contact page)

Etchcraft: "We combine the science of photochemical etching with art, creating your design"