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Contact Details

If you would like to contact us, please dial the contact number(s) below.
Alternately, click the Message link above to send us a message.

  Telephone:   (011) 887-4544 / 887-4522
(Raphael or Loredana)
  international:   + 27 11 887 4522
  Fax:   (011) 887-7422
  international:   + 27 11 887 7422
  Postal Address:   P.O. Box 1969,
Highlands North,
South Africa
  Physical Address   Unit 5,
80 Tenth Road,
South Africa
  Cellular Phone:   072 192 7956 (Raphael)
  international:   + 27 72 192 7956
  World Wide Web:
  26 deg 07' 10" South
28 deg 05' 36" East
        -26.1196, 28.0933
  International prefix / country code: +27
(subsequent zero not required.)

Business Hours

We're open Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm
Current time in South Africa:
(Greenwich Meridian Time plus two hours)

Send us a message

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How to find us

For your convenience, we have provided an interactive, zoomable, panable map to help you find our premises. Please click "Map" above to display the map.

Driving Directions

"From the M1 North highway: Turn right into Corlett Drive at the Corlett Drive turnoff.
However, from the M1 South highway: Turn left into Corlett Drive at the Corlett Drive turnoff.
In either case, proceed in an Easterly direction along Corlett Drive (ie, away from the Wanderers Club). At the large intersection with Louis Botha Avenue, continue straight over. (landmark: Eagle Ford - large marquis tent on the left) The road will curve slightly to the left. At that point, there is an almost imperceptible fork in the road. (landmark: a filling station) Proceed with the left fork. The road name changes to Ninth Road. Follow Ninth Road to the intersection with Second Avenue, in Kew. (The landmark there is an Engen filling station) At the filling station, turn left into Second Avenue; then turn immediately right at the very first intersection, into Tenth Road (parallel to Corlett Drive & same direction) Count 6 factories from the corner. (about 350 metres) Look for number 80 on the right-hand-side of the street, which is our complex. The building has light coloured brick walls and a green roof. See the illustration below. Turn in at the second gate. Come through security, then once in the parking lot, look for the Etchcraft sign. Ours is the first industrial mini-unit on the far end. (right-hand end if you are facing the building) Park in front of our mini-unit, and come in.
Do not hesitate to call from your cellphone if you get lost ! We're here to help."


The main entrance from the street - Shown here on the far left.

The building. Note the Etchcraft sign towards the right.


We are at the marker labeled 'Etchcraft' (top right on this map) The street address is Unit 5, number 80, Tenth Road, Kew, Johannesburg.
The recommended route is to use the M-1 motorway in Johannesburg, South Africa, and to exit at the Corlett Drive turnoff, and then to follow the directions on the map provided below.
For full driving directions, click "Directions" above.
To pan the map, click and drag anywhere within the map.

Click here to download the Google Earth Geographical co-ordinates file. If presented with a choice to Open / Save / Cancel, please select Open, if Google Earth is installed. Google Earth

Additionally, users who have the program "Google Earth" installed on their computer, can click here to to automatically pan to our premises on Google Earth's satellite imagery.

(This link will download a geographical co-ordinates file which Google Earth uses to help you find us.
Google Earth is a computer program that displays map-like aerial photography of entire areas and suburbs)

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